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The lowest Phe GMP Powdered Medical Foods for PKU Available!

Glytactin® Build 20/20 and Build 10 are versatile powdered medical foods for PKU available for those on a low phenylalanine diet who are seeking more protein, fewer calories and lower Phe than other GMP-based PKU medical foods. They include a complete profile of vitamins and minerals and are neutral in flavor to be taken alone or as a way to build up the protein level of other PKU formulas or low protein food items.

  • 30-44% less Phe than other GMP PKU formulas
  • Only 1 mg Phe per gram of protein
  • Two protein level formats: 10g and 20g
  • 100% natural protein boost – natural GMP plus naturally fermented amino acids*
  • Only 54 calories per 10g PE
  • No added sugars or colors
  • No artificial flavoring or coloring
  • Contains complete profile of vitamins and minerals
  • Contains probiotics to support digestive health
  • Neutral taste
  • Convenient powder packet to take on-the-go - add to food, beverages or your PKU formula

Helpful Tips to BUILD up your Nutrition

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* Produced by fermentation categorized as a natural process by USDA