Tylactin® with GMP Therapy

Ajinomoto Cambrooke manufactures a variety of delicious medical food formulas containing Tylactin with GMP designed to help meet the specialized nutritional needs of patients with therapeutic or chronic medical needs (specifically, Tyrosinemia). The formulation and nutrient composition of our medical foods are based on clinical research findings and recognized nutrient needs.

Tyrosinemia (TYR) is a rare genetic disease caused by the inability of the body to metabolize the essential amino acid, Tyrosine. Left untreated, Tyrosine can’t be broken down effectively resulting in the accumulation of Tyrosine and metabolites. Depending on the type of TYR, left untreated it can lead to liver and kidney issues, vision problems and mental retardation. TYR disease is typically diagnosed at birth through newborn screening.

Standard treatment of TYR requires a strict, life long, adherence to a special diet, which is very low in phenylalanine and tyrosine. Phenylalanine needs to be restricted along with tyrosine because phenylalanine is converted into tyrosine in the body. Because phenylalanine and tyrosine are present in almost all natural protein sources, the diet is extremely challenging for patients, requiring the elimination of foods that contain protein. Natural protein sources are replaced in the TYR patient with synthetic free amino acid protein substitutes called “metabolic formula” or they are often referred to as “medical foods”. These protein sources are consumed daily in place of natural proteins.

Tylactin is the world’s first TYR protein formula that is made from a natural whole protein derived from whey called glycomacropeptide (GMP). GMP is produced during the cheese making process and it is the only naturally occurring protein that does not contain Phe or Tyr in its pure form. The natural absence of Phe and Tyr in this unique protein makes it ideal for the TYR diet. Tylactin is a modified formulation of Glytactin (GMP plus limiting amino acids for the treatment of PKU) developed by University of Wisconsin, but is not supplemented with tyrosine to make it appropriate for the dietary treatment of Tyrosinemia Type I, II, III. Until the introduction of Tylactin in 2014, TYR formulas were always made of 100% synthetic, man-made free amino acid proteins. Studies have shown that natural intact proteins, like GMP, have a slower absorption rate in the body and an improved protein usage when compared with single amino acids, which mimic whole intact protein.[1] Additionally 91% of the patients who participated in this study preferred GMP medical foods over formulas with synthetic amino acids.[1] In another paper, data suggested improved satiety noting the correlation of lowered ghrelin levels (hunger hormone) with a greater feeling of fullness.[2]

Now OU-D Kosher Certified

Currently, all liquid Tylactin formulas are OU-D kosher certified:

  • Tylactin RTD
  • Tylactin Restore
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Kosher Certified - OU Dairy certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (the “Orthodox Union”). Learn more at oukosher.org

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