Customer Testimonials

Our customers have generously taken the time to send us their reviews of our products, service and company. Below are some of the testimonials we have received.

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feeling balanced

Dione G.

Keeping balanced for an active lifestyle.
"Before Glytactin RTD, my energy levels were noticeably low. I took frequent naps and had issues remembering little details. In June 2016, I tried Glytactin RTD and have come a long way since. My energy levels are high, I feel more alert, more balanced and can recall the small details. I was a figure skater growing up and love my active lifestyle. Drinking my Glytactin formula is key to staying balanced since I love working out, hiking, kayaking and biking. I have noticed a much better muscle tone after my transition to Glytactin RTD!"

Leann L.

Balanced enough to start a family.
"Before getting on Glytactin RTD Chocolate, I had told my husband that I didn’t think we could have a family, because I won’t be able to sustain a healthy pregnancy. I was on a formula I did not like and would not drink. But after 6 months being on Glytactin RTD, I told my husband that I felt great, I am taking my formula regularly and it’s easy to drink my 5 boxes during the day. Now I think we can start a family! It’s truly been a life changer for me!"

Tristan A.

Keeping balanced for adventures.
"Apart from my busy work life, I love to work out and am always on top of my game in maintaining an active lifestyle. I love the Glytactin Restore, this product has not only replaced my regular energy drink, but also works as a fuel for my workouts and the many adventures I have like, obstacle runs, swimming and biking trips. I have been a life guard for the last 8 years and manage two blogs, I feel better and can perform better. The best part is no one can differentiate my PKU formula from a regular sports drink!"

Bailey F.

Balance is critical when piloting a plane.
"I come across a lot of stressful and challenging tasks while flying. But I fuel up on my Glytactin RTD and I’m all set to fly. It not only boosts my energy levels but also keeps me focused. It’s the product for all those wanting a premium fuel boost."

Lauren W.

For Lauren, feeling better means no more bellyaches.
"We made the transition to Glytactin and Lauren loves her BetterMilk. After learning more about the bone health benefits, I knew as a mother that it was best to make the change. After we transitioned to BetterMilk, we have no more bellyaches and Lauren’s beautiful smile is back. And look at that mustache!" —Karen W., PKU mom

Kurt S.

Staying balanced even with lots of travel.
"Being a cinematographer, I travel around the world and staying on top of things is critical to my work and travel schedule. My Glytactin BetterMilk formula is easy to travel with and helps me stay on diet. It allows me to pay attention to details and helps me focus. It’s definitely a convenient and a great product."

Carrie M.

Network Of Tyrosine Advocates (NOTA) Weekend.
"Just wanted to say how great it was to see you here at NOTA today. Ethan absolutely loved the brownies. And, as I told you the other day, he’s such a picky eater - and thought the tortilla pizzas were amazing. As I mentioned at the meeting, first and foremost, your staff is always incredible at Cambrooke and the customer services is bar none the best we ever have received throughout this medical experience."

"Harley loves her formula (Tylactin RTD) and she acts like a kid at Christmas!"

Sasha R.

"The Glytactin RTD Chocolate has a great taste, doesn’t have a gritty dry powdery taste. Actually tastes like an actual ‘milk shake’."

J.D., Tennessee

"We have loved Cambrooke products and services for over 10 years !!!"

Kami C., Massachusetts

"Cambrooke has WONDERFUL customer service. Over the past four years, I've had only two problems and they were both handled professionally, promptly and friendly. Thanks Cambrooke!!!!"

Kelley, Pennsylvania

"If anyone is a chocolate strawberry fan, try a smoothie/milk shake with strawberry BetterMilk, chocolate coconut milk, and some ice!!! It's like dessert for breakfast thank you for finally making formula... Anything but formula"

Michelle Y., Rhode Island

"I can't thank you enough for all the work you have put into making eating enjoyable and life easier for the PKU community"


"Your products are excellent, customer service impeccable and shipping/delivery without fault. Thank you very much."


"I appreciate how Cambrooke is really working with me on my PKU Diet. I feel as though we are a team."


"I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your work and fabulous products for PKU sufferers."

Madrid, Spain

"I have MSUD, and thanks to Cambrooke, I have been able to increase the calories in my diet without increasing the protein, which has helped my energy, and focus in all areas-additionally it has helped me significantly in transitioning back to my MSUD diet after successfully giving birth to a healthy baby girl. Thank-you Cambrooke"

Rachel P., Massachusetts

"I must thank your fine company for all it does and continues to do to aid PKU families such as ours, in providing food items that continue to be both healthy and good tasting which fosters compliance with the harsh dietary restrictions and improves the lives of PKU sufferers."

Gail, New Hampshire

"Thanks Cambrooke for making this diet a lot easier. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart."