Harvest, Holiday and Comfort Foods Webinar, and Recipes!

Cambrooke’s own Lynn Paolella recently hosted an informative webinar about planning and preparing foods in support of PKU during the holidays! The webinar included Mary Susan Spears, MS, RD, LD. You can watch the video recording below:

Cambrooke also has a variety of great recipes you can use for your holiday meals! Using our Homestyle Bread and Sausage Patty Mix, you can read (or watch below) about our Holiday Sausage and Cranberry Stuffing recipe.

Butternut Squash Soup is a great holiday addition, pairs well with our Pierogis, and is nutritious and PKU-friendly!

If you’re attending a holiday brunch, wow your guests or hosts with this PKU-approved Brunch Casserole, starring Cambrooke’s Homestyle Bread, any number of our cheese products, and Eggz.

Using our low protein recipe Cream Cheese Pie Crust or Tartlet Shells recipe, featuring our low protein Cream Cheese and our Baking Mix, the sky’s the limit on pies for your feast! You could make our Sugar Cream Pie Filling:

And, using the same Cream Cheese Pie Crust or Tartlet Shells, you could indulge in our Low Protein Pumpkin Pie!

And for more great low-protein recipes for your holidays, or your everydays, check out our Low Protein Recipe page!

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