A Child Feels Better By Feeling Included

We posted a request recently on our Cambrooke Facebook page asking for stories from people about what, exactly, “feeling better” means to them. We got one post that stopped us in our tracks. We just had to share. “Ash N John Bricker” (Facebook name) posted the following in response: “It means my son will be able to go through a lunch line just like any other kid (Cambrooke’s lunch program), he can have a large variety of low protein (low leucine), high calorie [...]


The Effects Of Metabolic Balance In The PKU Brain

Helping people to feel balanced, feel better, and then make the most of their lives is what truly drives everyone here at Cambrooke. But there’s another side to “balance” we’re going to focus on today, and that is metabolic balance. If you are living with PKU you know that the act of eating food is not only about satisfying your hunger, as it is with others. The act of eating with PKU requires a very conscious approach to food consumption [...]

Cambrooke Feel Balanced Feel Better

Feel Balanced And Feel Better With Cambrooke

People with Phenylketonuria (PKU) have never known a day without having PKU. They have never known a day where phenylalanine wasn’t feared, proteins weren’t counted, or where food preparation was a carefully considered endeavor. They grow up in a world that “lives to eat.” Where fast food is delicious and fun. Where tasty snacks of all kinds fill living rooms during the Sunday football games. Where the only real consideration in dining out at a restaurant is which chef has [...]