Returning to Diet – So What Can You Eat? Q&A

Our PKU families had a special and unique opportunity to watch ‘So What Can You Eat?’ together with us, followed by a LIVE Q&A session with Creator & Director Jack Everitt and fellow co-stars.

This video delves into the advice our panel would give to those returning to diet. All opinions are of the individual and do not reflect that of Ajinomoto Cambrooke.

So What Can You Eat? is a documentary film examining the world’s growing obsession with food and the freedoms it brings from the perspective of those who don’t have the choice.
The relationship we have with food extends far beyond its impact on our physical health or personal satisfaction. Underpinning every decision we make surrounding food lies a primal right to choice, and across all cultures around the world, food, and the ritual of eating, is directly used as a means of bringing communities together.
Presented by filmmaker Jack Everitt, So What Can You Eat? examines the stories of the rare individuals who follow one of the world’s most restrictive diets in a lifelong battle to avoid severe and irreversible brain damage. In doing so he tasks his close-friend, and fellow filmmaker, Liberty Hanson, with trialing the diet for 1 whole month. Through Liberty’s struggles we discover what it really means to have freedom of choice, and how recognising these freedoms can empower us to take complete control of our health and mental wellbeing.
” – Source: “So What You Can Eat?”

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