Glytactin BUILD 20/20 Flavors: Raspberry Lemonade Review

We recently chatted with Courtney from Oregon, about which Glytactin BUILD 20/20 Flavor she chose and why! Read more…

Hi Courtney! Which is your favorite BUILD Flavors 20/20 flavor and why?

Hi! I am a huge fan of BUILD Raspberry Lemonade 20/20! Here is a picture of me taking it to work. I work at a pre-school and don’t get many breaks, but I can just shake up my BUILD with 4oz water in the kitchen and then get back to my day. It doesn’t smell or have an after-taste.

How will BUILD 20/20 improve your life day-to-day?

Before trying BUILD Raspberry Lemonade 20/20, I had been having a hard time getting my Phe levels down. I am hoping that the lower Phe in this product will really help me stay on track!

It has also already made me feel less fatigued and I have so much more energy!

Although it is low volume and low calorie, I feel like it is still very filling which is great to get me through the day.

How would you describe BUILD Flavors 20/20 to someone that hasn’t tried it and is thinking of giving it a go?

Everyone is different but for me, I can really taste the raspberry lemon, but in a subtle creamy way. It really agreed with me. It is so easy to mix, not lumpy at all and there is no after taste. My breath is not smelly like with other formulas I have tried in the past.

Do you have any tips for others, to get the most out of their Build Flavors?

Just mixing it with water is fine, but I also like to blend it with water and blueberries and it is SO good. I am also a big tea drinker and I mix BUILD Vanilla in my tea which tastes great too. I just blends so well and is so versatile.

Any final words?

I absolutely love Build Flavors. I am so glad I had the courage to try something new! I am very picky trying new things, but it honestly tastes fantastic and is helping me drop me drop my phe levels.

Thank you to Courtney for sharing her Glytactin BUILD Flavors 20/20 testimonial with us! If you would like to request your Sample Variety Kit, click here.

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