Glytactin BUILD 20/20 Flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate Review

We had the pleasure of chatting to Justin about his experience sampling Glytactin BUILD Flavors 20/20! Here’s what he had to say!

Hi Justin! How were you first introduced to Glytactin BUILD Flavors 20/20?

Hi! I was just on ordering my usual favorite low protein foods, when I saw some information about these products, and clicked to learn more. I then spoke to my dietitian and got some samples!

What is the most important thing for you when choosing a PKU formula?

  1. Grams of protein in No.1. Build has 20g protein which is ideal for me as I have 80g per day, so it means only 4 x packets.
  2. Sugar and calories. When you take 4 supplements per day, if they are filled with sugar, calories and artificial ingredients, that will inevitably catch up with you.
  3. Probiotics/DHA/Nutritional Profile. I don’t know too much about the nutrition, but my dietitian advises me that these are really important.

What was your first impression of Glytactin BUILD Flavors 20/20?

I tried all three, Vanilla, Chocolate and Raspberry Lemonade. I actually liked all three but my favorites were the Vanilla and Chocolate. They tasted and smelt like cake batter not formula! But without all of the sugar/fat/calories that you would expect when something is that that tasty.

They really taste like you are drinking a regular milky drink. From the minute you open the packet, to the minute you are finished, there is no nasty smell/taste. I was shocked. The Chocolate is so velvety and smooth.

Do you have any tips for others that might have just received their BUILD Flavors 20/20 Variety Sample Kit?

Mix them with cold tap water, shake and drink it straight away. It doesn’t need to be mixed with flavor drops or in smoothies, it is fine on its own with water.

Had you heard about Cambrooke and Glytactin before?

Yes, I feel like you actually really care. You show that as you are constantly bringing out new products, foods, you are a one-stop-shop that I can rely on for my pastas, ready meals and formulas. Your mission to continue to develop and improve existing products really resonates with me.

Thank you Justin for sharing your feedback with us! We love hearing from members of the community!

If you would like to try your own Glytactin BUILD Flavors Variety Kit, just click here.

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