Building Community Through Cinema

Ajinomoto Cambrooke created a day of entertainment for the PKU community by bringing together honest experiences and cinematography. 

Jack Everitt is a UK citizen, PKU community member, and documentary film maker. Jack set out to make an honest documentary that focused on the PKU community, but it remained incomplete for some time. Ajinomoto Cambooke Co-Founder, Lynn Paolella learned about Jack & his incomplete documentary film project called ‘So What Can You Eat?’ and offered him an opportunity. Lynn invited Jack to come to America to conclude his PKU documentary film project at a National PKU Alliance (NPKUA) conference. 

So What Can You Eat? is an award-winning documentary examining the world’s growing obsession with food and the freedoms it brings from the perspective of those who don’t have the choice. The film follows the stories of some rare individuals who must follow one of the world’s most restrictive diets in a lifelong battle to avoid severe and irreversible brain damage. 

In late February, Cambrooke offered a special and unique opportunity for families in North America to watch the premiere film event with members of the Cambrooke team. Registered families received a Cambrooke low protein movie snack pack that included tortilla chips & queso (Shake ‘N’ Cheese) along with a Glytactin formula sample kit to enjoy during the film. The one-hour documentary event was followed by a live Q&A session with the film’s Creator & Director, Jack Everitt, Cambrooke Co-Founder, David Paolella as Emcee and featured co-star Lynn Paolella and other fellow PKU community co-stars. 

The event was able to reach close to 350 PKU patients and health care professionals and was enjoyed by all. In a virtual environment, this movie event allowed Cambrooke to reach current and potential new customers in an educational fun way while also showcasing the talents of PKU community member, Jack Everitt. 

This was one of Cambrooke’s largest virtual sponsored events and due to the large and continued demand, Cambrooke will be working with other regions around the world to showcase this momentous event.  

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