For all the Metabolic Moms

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For Mother’s Day, we’d like to honor all the mothers we serve — mothers of kids with PKU and other metabolic disorders, and mothers who have metabolic disorders themselves. We asked on Facebook what our followers would like to say to #MetabolicMoms on Mother’s Day.

What we heard is that #MetabolicMoms face tough times – but they’re fighters. And there’s an entire community ready to help. Jenny R said,

“Keep going, keep fighting. Don’t give up. It’s a battle. But you’ve got this. And we’ve got you. Blessings to you.”

Kristi Smith wrote,

“Yes, it is rough. Some days it’s harder than others. You are not alone. You’ve got this. You [and] your child will be okay! I’m both: a mom with PKU myself and a mom to PKU kiddos, so I get it.

Debbie C., an adult with PKU, remembered what life was like for her mother in a time before newborn screening was common in her country:

“My mum was a lifesaver who always [went] the extra mile. She wouldn’t rest until she had a diagnosis for me. T hen when I was finally diagnosed she had to research (without the internet as during the 60’s there wasn’t any) the little amount of food I was able to have.

“She also wasn’t too scared to use tough love when needed. By looking after me so well…[she] is the reason that screening in Australia exists…  Shortly after I was diagnosed she lobbied hard and wouldn’t rest until screening for PKU (and now other metabolic disorders) was introduced into Australia. As by working so tirelessly she saved many lives!”

It’s true: every mother of a child with PKU or any metabolic disorder is a hero. But many mothers have metabolic disorders themselves, and do heroic work taking care of themselves and their families every day. Pamela L. wrote a thought shared by many mothers – even mothers who aren’t coping with metabolic disorders:

“I’m the mom and the PKUer in my house… my wish is to have someone cook my food for me.”

Pamela, we hope your wish comes true, at least for one day!

And we wish all #MetabolicMoms a great day. Our motto here is “feel balanced, feel better” – and we want everyone with metabolic disorders to feel healthy enough to spend time with the people they love. Because our goal isn’t just to help you get nutrition you need in the tastiest, most convenient way possible; it’s to help people with metabolic disorders live well.

Whether you spend this Sunday with your children, or your  mother, or you just have those special thoughts of your mother who passed away, we hope that you can savor your memories and have many more memorable moments.

Have a happy Mother’s Day.

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