The Joy Of Bringing Balance.

At this time of year, people tend to reflect on the current year, look at their successes and failures and do their best to learn from it all in order to reshape their thinking for the upcoming year. It’s also the time of year people tend to be thankful for what they are and what they have.

We are no different.

2017 was the year of balance.

In 2017 our mission at Cambrooke was cemented. That is, to give people living with PKU dietary balance so that they will feel better and get more out of their lives. It’s a lofty mission, to be sure, but we take it very seriously.

All Cambrooke employees – regardless of department – understand it, internalize it and try their best to channel it into everything they do.

You could say our mantra “Feel balanced. Feel better.” provides us with a litmus test of sorts. If option A will help people feel more balanced and option B does not, then we will go with option A every time.

And that’s exactly how we will evaluate our year so that we can perform even better in 2018.

Did we provide the PKU world as much balance as we possibly could?

The only way to know is to ask our customers. Nothing brings us more joy than to witness one of our customers getting more out of life because of Cambrooke products.

Dione feeling balanced. Feeling better.


We told you about Dione recently. Since she’s been on Glytactin she says that in 2017 her body is finally doing what it needs to be doing. Her energy levels have gone through the roof, she didn’t need to take naps anymore, her concentration improved and “cloudiness” decreased.


Take that, PKU



Tristan feeling balanced


Or Tristan who lives with PKU and loves swimming, biking and obstacle runs. In 2017 he replaced his energy drink with Glytactin Restore and now has the “fuel” to do it all.


Right on the chin, PKU.




Feeling Balanced: Leann L


And then there’s Leann, who nearly brought us all to tears. According to Leann, because of Glytactin she is now able to start a family, whereas before Glytactin she was too worried about staying on the diet.





Imagine that. Because of the work we are doing at Cambrooke a woman is now able to start a family. We honestly can’t tell you the joy we feel about Leann’s story and all the stories we heard in 2017.

We thank all of our customers for being customers, for sharing their stories with us, and for the privilege of being their dietary choice in 2017.

2018? Bring it on.

Stories like these get us excited for 2018. Because we know that by being the most of who we are at Cambrooke, others living with PKU can be more of who they are.

We had a good 2017, but we are going to constantly improve, continue innovating, work to enhance the taste of our products, and generally make living with PKU easier than ever.

Because our goal in 2018 is for people living with PKU to be the most they have ever been in their lives.

Bring it on!

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