Just Because You Have PKU Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be A Busy Adult

We put the following question out to our Facebook Community recently, “What are the greatest challenges being an adult living with PKU?” By far the most common response had to do with being busy adults with busy lives and not always having the time to prepare healthy low-protein meals.

So in response we want to provide adults with PKU food and food-preparation ideas that will help you not only stick to your PKU diet, but feel plenty balanced and with enough energy to seize those busy days.

First a few of the reactions on our Facebook page.

Elizabeth Rogers: Having PKU myself while raising a family. I find I’m busy making food for everyone else (along with all of the other things that need to be done) that I find it difficult to make the time to cook good food for myself (and also take the time to explore new recipes that are easy to make and I can freeze for later!)

Zoey Caitlyn: I don’t often make the time to cook or find low protein foods because I am so busy with my children.

Emily Elizabeth Linafelter: Being a recent college grad, not living at your parents house any more, and coming home from a long day of work and having to cook for yourself and not wanting to cook for yourself. Cereal is my go-to most nights!

There were more, but we are certain that these three represent the sentiment well. Just because you have PKU as an adult does not mean you will be any less busy.

Not to worry, we have ideas to help all of you.

Meals you can eat on the go.

Cambrooke innovates to make people living with PKU feel more balanced and, ultimately, feel better. We do that by providing low-protein foods and formulas. But the innovation that goes into these products takes many forms.

For example, getting the chemistry right (the PHE levels) is paramount, of course. Making sure the foods and formulas taste as delicious as is possible is also important or else our customers may not stay on the diet.

But there is another aspect to our innovation that often gets overlooked: convenience. We could make chemically perfect and the best tasting foods and formulas in the world (and we think we do), but if they are too difficult to prepare then it’s all for naught.

So here are a few of our innovations designed specifically for busy adults like the people above who posted on our Facebook page.

Ready Meals.

We have an entire category of foods we call “Ready Meals” because all you have to do is heat them up in a microwave or oven and serve. They come in burritos, medley meals, even pizza.

Go! Pockets:

Medley Meals:


We are very proud of these products because they are not only therapeutic, they taste great and are ridiculously easy for busy adults to prepare. But there are many more.

We encourage you to check out all of our low-protein foods for breads, snacks, dips, soups and many more easy to prepare items: All Cambrooke Products.

And know that we will keep innovating because we exist to make sure any adult with PKU is able to live a full, productive and, yes, busy life.

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