For People With PKU, Cambrooke’s Alison Trager Puts The Thanks Back In Thanksgiving.

Just because you have PKU doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. Just ask Cambrooke’s Metabolic Product Manager, Alison Trager. We created a video of Alison preparing a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, including Chicken and Cranberry Meatloaf in what looks like a turkey leg mold (it’s really a chicken leg mold, but no one will know).

That’s right, a realistic-looking turkey leg…that tastes like chicken and cranberry. Hey, sometimes to feel balanced and feel better you have to get creative, right?

Have a look:

Thank you, Alison! Now, pair your Chicken and Cranberry Meatloaf with our Yuca Fries  and Pumpkin Raisin Cookies or Fudgy Brownies  for a complete and delicious holiday meal.

If you have more ideas for a PKU Thanksgiving, please post them below or on our Facebook page.

Because what’s it all about? A happy Thanksgiving.

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