Ajinomoto Acquisition of Cambrooke

Ajinomoto Acquires Cambrooke Therapeutics And All Is Well
Last week Ajinomoto North America bought Cambrooke Therapeutics. Very exciting news for all involved and we wanted our blog readers to hear about it here. We also want to make sure all of you understand how beneficial this acquisition will be for Cambrooke and, ultimately, for you, our customers.

What the acquisition does not mean.
Let’s get the easy but important stuff out of the way first. We are not going anywhere, we are not changing our team, nor are we at all amending our mission of making the most innovative, delicious and nutritious medical foods and functional foods for our customers. Cambrooke is still Cambrooke.
The last thing a company like Ajinomoto wants to do is tinker with what is already a good thing.

What the acquisition does mean.
Ajinomoto was interested in Cambrooke because of the quality service and products for which we are known. So, there is no reason to change us. In fact, we will not only continue to develop the very best medical foods and formulas, we will very likely innovate more quickly than ever before.

And why are we so confident about that?
Ajinomoto is a worldwide leader in amino acids, pharmaceuticals, high-quality seasonings, processed foods, and beverages. We have had an active working relationship with them for years and now we will be able to directly leverage their expertise in ingredients, nutrition and food
sciences to better serve our Cambrooke customers and continue to develop great products.

All is well.
Ajinomoto’s motto is “Eat Well, Live Well”. This motto is an elegant and concise articulation of what has effectively been Cambrooke’s mission since our inception over seventeen years ago. As you all know, we also believe that science and research can enable people with metabolic and ketogenic disorders to eat well and, therefore, live well.
It’s what both organizations are all about.
That, my friends, is why we are so excited to leverage Ajinomoto’s strengths as we continue our mission at Cambrooke Therapeutics.
And continue it we will.

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