The Secret To A Hot, Easy, Tasty, Inconspicuous School Lunch: A Thermos

For a parent with a school-aged child with PKU, nothing is more challenging than packing lunch. So much to consider. The right balance of food and formula, for starters. Then there’s the presentation – you want your child to appear like all the other kids so want your presentation to be inconspicuous. And then there’s taste, let’s not forget that one. All is for naught if your child doesn’t like what you pack. Well, we have a solution for you [...]


The Effects Of Metabolic Balance In The PKU Brain

Helping people to feel balanced, feel better, and then make the most of their lives is what truly drives everyone here at Cambrooke. But there’s another side to “balance” we’re going to focus on today, and that is metabolic balance. If you are living with PKU you know that the act of eating food is not only about satisfying your hunger, as it is with others. The act of eating with PKU requires a very conscious approach to food consumption [...]

Lynn Cam Brooke Paolella

10 Things No One Ever Told You About Being a PKU Mom

— An interview with Lynn Paolella, Founder of Cambrooke Therapeutics and the loving mother of two PKU’ers. For all the Moms out there who just got the diagnosis, or recently became familiar with PKU, Lynn herself can never forget the day when she first got the diagnosis of her newly born son, Cameron, with PKU. It was one of the most intense and shocking days of her life, she had never heard about PKU and had the most natural reaction [...]