If You Are Reading This And You Don’t Have PKU, This Note’s For You

Chances are if you’re reading this blog post right now and do not have PKU or another metabolic disorder, then you are a caregiver for someone who does have PKU. Perhaps you’re a son or daughter, or even husband or wife. Regardless, we think it’s time to call you out and give you the recognition you deserve.

We talk a lot about balance here at Cambrooke. It’s what we live for – achieving metabolic balance through our low-protein foods and formulas that result in feeling better with PKU. But there’s another kind of balance when it comes to the caregivers.

And that is managing the disruption that comes to your life due to caring for someone with PKU. The restaurants you can’t go to, the traveling that’s made difficult, the counting of Phe, the difficulty in preparing meals that are not only balanced but taste pretty good, too.

It’s not easy for anyone, we know.

But your tolerance of all of that is a tremendous balancing force. We are working constantly to make living with PKU easier and tastier, but there’s no getting around the many obstacles that are still there for your loved one and, as a result, for you.

You do it out of love. We know that. You’d probably say it’s just how life works sometimes. And you’re right about that.

But please know the tolerance you bring, the love, the selflessness, is certainly recognized by your loved one and, for what it’s worth, everyone here at Cambrooke.

You are a true balancing act. Thank you.

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