For People With PKU, Cambrooke’s Alison Trager Puts The Thanks Back In Thanksgiving.

Just because you have PKU doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. Just ask Cambrooke’s Metabolic Product Manager, Alison Trager. We created a video of Alison preparing a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, including Chicken and Cranberry Meatloaf in what looks like a turkey leg mold (it’s really a chicken leg mold, but no one will know). That’s right, a realistic-looking turkey leg…that tastes like chicken and cranberry. Hey, sometimes to feel balanced and feel better you have to get creative, [...]


Ajinomoto Acquisition of Cambrooke

Ajinomoto Acquires Cambrooke Therapeutics And All Is Well Last week Ajinomoto North America bought Cambrooke Therapeutics. Very exciting news for all involved and we wanted our blog readers to hear about it here. We also want to make sure all of you understand how beneficial this acquisition will be for Cambrooke and, ultimately, for you, our customers. What the acquisition does not mean. Let’s get the easy but important stuff out of the way first. We are not going anywhere, we are [...]

David and Lynn Paolella Cambrooke Therapeutics

From Architect To PKU Expert: David Paolella Shares Cambrooke’s Evolution

Today, we interview David Paolella, Founder of Cambrooke Therapeutics and the innovator and pioneer behind the success of Cambrooke Therapeutics. While building his career as an architect, little did he know he would dedicate the past 25 years to the PKU community . . . Q: When did you first hear about PKU? A: I heard briefly about PKU in high school in my biology class. Only one mention in a biochemistry module where we had to memorize the reactions [...]