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Feel Balanced And Feel Better With Cambrooke

People with Phenylketonuria (PKU) have never known a day without having PKU. They have never known a day where phenylalanine wasn’t feared, proteins weren’t counted, or where food preparation was a carefully considered endeavor.

They grow up in a world that “lives to eat.” Where fast food is delicious and fun. Where tasty snacks of all kinds fill living rooms during the Sunday football games. Where the only real consideration in dining out at a restaurant is which chef has the most innovative dishes.

In a “live to eat” world there is little thought about the consequences of food. It’s all about the taste. But as enticing as that world may be, those with PKU see food quite differently.
Feel balanced.
People with PKU are forced to create their own “eat to live” worlds, where taste is important, but a distant second to achieving metabolic balance.
Cambrooke works to continually help our PKU customers achieve that metabolic balance. Because we believe people forced into an “eat to live” world deserve just as much satisfaction.
That’s why every bite of Cambrooke’s low-protein foods and every drop of our formulas give our PKU customers the sweet metabolic balance they crave, the lip-smacking satisfaction of maximum energy and the tasty delight of exactly the right proteins.
And what we have found with our customers is that achieving balance is just the beginning.
Feel better.
When people living with PKU are metabolically balanced, they will feel better. We know this. We have data to support it. We have customers who tell us they have more energy, they feel stronger and they are able to think more clearly.
That’s why at Cambrooke our scientists and nutritionists are never satisfied. They are constantly researching ways to innovate further, to create new great tasting foods and formulas and, in so doing, new ways to help those with PKU feel more balanced.
Because feeling balanced means feeling better, and that beats “live to eat” any day. It means doing more and being more. Feeling better means a life can be well lived.
And, to all of us, that’s delicious.
We invite you to join us in our PKU mission:
You’ll notice a few things changing around here to reflect our newly articulated mission to serve those living with PKU. We have a new logo, a new tag line (“Feel balanced. Feel better.”), and we are surrounding the foods and formulas we provide our customers with tools and knowledge they can use to feel even more balanced and even better.
Check for updates on this blog often, as we will be posting insights you can use, ideas, and anything else we believe will help in our shared mission. Also:

  • “Like” our Facebook page, as that’s where we can connect in real time with you and, more importantly, you can connect with us.
  • Sign up for our monthly “Feel Better” email newsletter, which will be filled with articles about our shared cause, research about PKU you can use, recipes, and other useful information. Because at Cambrooke it’s not just the food and formula that will help you feel better. It’s knowledge. And our knowledge is your knowledge.

Remember most of all, you are not alone. Everyone at Cambrooke is here to help those living with PKU feel balanced and feel better.
Now, go ahead and…
Feel Balanced. Feel Better.

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